British Newspaper Attacks Alternative Fuels

NBB calls the article a cheap shot.

The British newspaper The Guardian published an article last Friday criticizing alternative fuels and touting an unpublished assessment of biofuels. National Biodiesel Board Chief Executive Officer Joe Jobe says the article smacks of a cheap shot by the British newspaper at the U.S. government on Independence Day.

"It's typical of status quo supporters to ignore the vast majority of research done by the USDA and others that has proven emphatically biofuels play an insignificant role in global food supply and pricing, but an increasingly significant role in expanding our domestic energy supply," Jobe says. "Credible fact-based research has demonstrated repeatedly that soaring petroleum costs are the main culprit behind higher food prices. American consumers don't have to look beyond their own family budgets to figure that out."

Jobe went on to say that the Departments of Agriculture and Energy have found that ethanol and biodiesel consumption accounted for less than 5% of the increase in food prices with other factors such as increased energy costs causing the rest of the increase.

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