Bush Backs Beef at NCBA Spring Conference

President appeals for Trade Promotion Authority reauthorization at cattle event.

President Bush spoke at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association's Annual Spring Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. Wednesday, saying that Congress must reauthorize his Trade Promotion Authority and pass several pending trade deals to help livestock producers reach global markets.

"Every time we break down a barrier to trade, someone who's raising a cow will have an opportunity to sell that cow into a better market," Bush told the cattle producers. "My attitude on trade is 'you treat us the way we treat you – and then let's compete.'"

NCBA President John Queen echoed some of Bush's sentiments, saying the President "has fostered an aggressive trade agenda aimed at opening markets worldwide for our products."

Bush focused on his trade agenda and its impact on agriculture, especially pending deals with Peru, Panama and Colombia, and the ongoing U.S.-South Korea free trade negotiations. The South Korea deal needs to be completed by week's end so that Congress can give it and up or down vote before Bush's TPA expires on June 30, 2007.

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