Canadian Cattlemen Ready to Move Against COOL

WTO challenge may be renewed.

The Canadian Cattlemen's Association says it has seen enough and it's time for its government to take its trade challenge against the United States' Country-of-Origin Labeling legislation to the World Trade Organization. The Canadians had earlier opted to wait and see if the new administration would make changes to the COOL rule. However when U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack asked the U.S. industry to adopt suggested voluntary guidelines, that prompted the desire by the Canadians to move against the U.S.

Before the final rule was announced, a number of U.S. meat packers and processors curtailed their imports of Canadian livestock and meat, citing the expense of dedicating separate production lines to handle imported animals or products.

COOL requires labeling at U.S. retail for muscle cuts, ground beef, veal, pork, lamb, goat and chicken; wild and farm-raised fish and shellfish; fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables; peanuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, and ginseng sold by designated retailers.

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