Canadian Food Label Consultations Close

New regulations tighten claims on food labels and in advertising.

The public consultations on Canada's proposed new food labeling initiative is due to close Wednesday. The new 'Canadian Food Labeling Initiative' was announced May 21 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Gerry Ritz, federal Minister of Agriculture. The changed regulations will make it tougher for imported ingredients to be called 'Product of Canada' or 'Made in Canada.' The government says the new Canadian Food Labeling Initiative better defines those claims on food labels and in advertising.

"Our new guidelines are designed to redefine Canadian food content labels to better reflect the true origins of products," Prime Minister Harper says. "Our government is tightening the definitions of these familiar labels, so Canadians know exactly what they're getting, and get exactly what they want."

Before implementing the proposed rules, the government opened a public consultations process. More details on the new regulations are available at

Source: Feedstuffs

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