Canadian Officials Confirm Another BSE Case

Country retains 'controlled risk' status with news of the discovery of an 80-month old cow infected with the disease.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has announced it has confirmed the presence of bovine spongiform encephalopathy in an 80-month old dairy cow from Alberta. The food supply was not at risk because no part of the animal entered the system or animal feed systems.

In a release confirming the find, officials say the animal's birth farm has been identified and an investigation is underway. Age and location of the infected animal are consistent with previous cases detected in Canada. The case was discovered through the national BSE surveillance program, set up after the first few cases of the disease were found in the country.

Despite this latest find, the country remains a Controlled Risk country for BSE as recognized by the World Organization for Animal Health - called the OIE. The government says announcement of the find "should not affect exports of Canadian cattle or beef."

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