Cap and Trade Appears Dead; Regulation Is Not

Cap and Trade Appears Dead; Regulation Is Not

Regulation under clean air rules could have onerous effect.

Cap and trade legislation appears to be a dead duck in this year's Congress, but those tempted to celebrate too early need to be aware of the potential consequences of EPA regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, American Farm Bureau specialist Rick Krause said Monday.

Speaking to members of the Kansas Farm Bureau attending this week's annual County Presidents Tour in Washington, D.C., Krause said EPA regulation will require all farms with more than 25 dairy cows and more than 50 head of beef cattle or 200 head of hogs to get a Clean Air Permit.

In addition, it could require permits for the construction of any new outbuildings or remodeling of existing structures, he said.

"Right now, the best hope is that Congress will pass legislation to nullify this," he said.

A resolution of disapproval introduced in the Senate has 41 co-sponsors, including both Kansas Sens. Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback. It needs 51 votes to pass.

In the House, there are two bills, virtually identical, one from Democrats and one from Republicans. Party animosity is so strong in the House that few members will sign on to a bill from the other party.

One exception is Rep. Jerry Moran who is a co-sponsor on both bills. So far, Reps. Todd Tiahrt and Dennis Moore are not on either.

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