CAP Awards Announced

CAP Awards Announced

Research dollars being put toward areas where real impact in likely.

Agriculture Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics Rajiv Shah has announced more than $11 million in Coordinated Agricultural Project awards to significantly advance research, education and extension in applied plant genomics. Shah pointed out these CAP grants represent an investment in improving the human condition and that these research dollars yield the best returns because they are focusing on the areas where advances have a high likelihood for real impact.


One of the recipients, North Dakota State University at Fargo, will receive a $2.5 million CAP award to focus on legume genetics and genomics, specifically on the health and nutritional aspects of this important food crop. Applications of this project could lead to legume varieties with higher nutritional values.


Additional CAP awards go to Michigan State University; the University of Minnesota; and the University of California-Davis. They will link together expertise from USDA, public institutions, private institutions and industry to significantly advance research, education and extension in tomato, potato, barley and tree breeding programs.

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