Cap-and-Trade part of 25X'25 Working Group's Focus

Cap-and-Trade part of 25X'25 Working Group's Focus

Group says policy makers need to modify provisions to recognize ag contributions.

The 25X'25 Carbon Work Group has recently reemphasized the need for policy makers to modify pending cap-and-trade provisions to more clearly recognize those agricultural and forestry practices that can contribute to climate change regulation and make those practices eligible as offset projects. The Carbon Working Group also says policy makers should make clear in a final climate change bill that biofuels, including the biofuel component of fuels blends, are not obligated under the emissions cap and are a preferred alternative to fossil carbon-based transportation fuels.


The group says the science is simple. Fossil energy use takes carbon that has been stored for millions of years in the earth and releases it into the atmosphere through combustion. On the other hand, biofuels made from plant matter remove carbon from the atmosphere through photosynthesis prior to combustion. In essence, biofuels recycle atmospheric carbon. As a result, biofuels should not be treated in the same manner as fossil fuels under any climate change cap and trade legislation.


At the same time the 25X'25 Alliance recommends natural gas as a bridge fuel to a sustainable energy future by providing a critical low-carbon back-up fuel that can enable deep market penetration of renewable sources such as wind power and concentrated solar thermal power.

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