Case IH Designs for High Humidity Haying

New rotary disc header matches Case windrowers.

Difficult drying conditions seem to be an integral part of hay production in many areas. Case IH has designed the new RDX131 rotary disc header just for those conditions and matched it to the WDX1902 and WDX2302 windrowers.

The 13-foot-wide RDX131 is designed for smaller, irregular shaped fields and lays less material into the windrower swath to speed drying. The narrower design is also a plus for road transport and crossing narrow bridges.

Designed and built with the same components of other Case IH rotary disc cutters, the RDX131 also has the same modular cutting bed of larger models.

For more information on the RDX131, see a Case IH dealer or click on

Case IH's new RDX131 rotary disc header offers quicker drying of high humidity hay behind the company's WDX1902 and WDX2303 windrowers. The 13-foot-wide cutter offers maneuverability and convenient over the road transport.

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