Challenges Remain for Heatlh Care Reform

Challenges Remain for Heatlh Care Reform

Parliamentary ruling could throw out reconciliation bill.

Though the House has approved the Senate's version of health care legislation and President Obama is expected to sign it into law - there's now more work for the Senate this week. The House is sending the Senate a 153-page package of amendments to the legislation passed late Sunday. Democrats in the chamber will implement a reconciliation rule to try to pass those changes with a simple majority of 51 votes.

There were some hurdles to clear Monday with Senate Parliamentarian Alan Frumin hearing arguments from Senate aides of both parties about whether a reconciliation bill should be ruled out of order because of its potential effects on Social Security. Frumin did not make a ruling and his timetable for a decision is unknown. But if he finds in favor of the Republican challenge the reconciliation measure could be thrown out.

If debate does move forward, Republicans will be allowed to offer amendments. Those votes will follow what's expected to be 20 hours of debate, with senior aides expecting a voting marathon to begin as early as Thursday.

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