Chance of Frost May Increase Next Week

Colder weather is on the way.

With most crops at least two weeks behind normal, frost has been an early concern for producers. According to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey, cold air moving from the West will peter out before reaching crop areas this weekend, but change is in the air for next week.

"As we head into the early part of next week there is another fairly high pressure system that is going to be dropping south out of Canada," Rippey says. "Looks at current timing like that high pressure system will be parked over the upper Great Lakes region about next Monday morning and then perhaps shifting into the upper Midwest by about Tuesday morning."

At that time Rippey says producers will have to be concerned about the possibility of frost and near to slightly below freezing temperatures in some of the upper Midwest crop areas that have a lot of immature corn and soybeans. It's uncertain how much damage this frost would inflict on the crops, so producers are in a wait and see mode.

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