Child Nutrition Reauthorization Begins in House

Child Nutrition Reauthorization Begins in House

House committee using Senate bill as the foundation.

Reauthorization of child nutrition programs has begun in the House Committee on Education and Labor.  Chaired by Representative George Miller, D-Calif., the committee is using the Senate Agriculture committee's bill as the foundation for their work.  Senate Ag Committee chairman Blanche Lincoln says this demonstrates the strong overlap and shared priorities when it comes to meeting the nutritional needs of our children. 

Child nutrition programs expire on Sept. 30.  A bill could be on the President's desk by the end of this year. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act 0f 2010 invests an additional $4.5 billion in child nutrition programs, the largest investment in federal child nutrition programs since their inception.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says the legislation takes yet another step toward the passage of a robust bill that reforms our school meals programs by reducing barriers to participation, improving program access, and enhancing the quality of school meals and the health of the school environment.

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