Claim $$ for Propane Conversion

Claim $$ for Propane Conversion

Propane industry offers up to $2,500 to farmers switching to propane products.

If' you're in the market for new pumping power for irrigation or for a new lawn mower, the Propane FEED program has a deal for you.

Qualifying producers can receive one or more incentives to purchase propane-powered irrigation engines or propane-fueled lawn mowers. The program, announced by the Propane Education and Research Council, offers $2,500 for a mower, $2,500 for an irrigation engine of 8 or 10 cylinders, $2,000 for a six-cylinder irrigation engine, and $1,500 for a four-cylinder, irrigation engine.

Officials with the Farm Equipment Efficiency Demonstration Program say only new equipment is included in the offer, and participation is limited to available funds. For more information go to PROPANE.

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