Clean those diesel injectors

Clean those diesel injectors

New brush kit offers easier way to keep equipment working hard.

Caring for diesel injectors is a big job, and cleaning out diesel injector seats just got a little easier. The folks at Innovative Products of America are releasing the Professional Diesel Injector Seat Cleaning Kit right after the New Year. This kit features three distinct types of brushes: Helix Brushes with a specially engineered tip for deep seat cleaning, two-stage brushes for seat and inner seat-hole cleaning, and Bore Brushes for all bore and tube wall cleaning. Low-lint, flexible, industrial-grade Swab-Eez for cleaning and detailing injector seats and cupts.

The Professional Diesel Injector Seat Cleaning Kit offers tools you need to keep engines running.

The kit is designed for removing carbon, rust and other debris from injector seats, bores and cups for most diesel applications. The 1/4" drive hex shaft allows for quick interchange of brushes, drivers and extensions; for hand use and low speed drills not to exceed 600 rpm.

The kit is available in brass - 8090B - and stainless steel - 8090S. The set includes 13 specialty brushes with 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch brush lengths, a 6-inch flexible extension, a 6-inch rigid extension, a driver handle, 400 assorted Swab-Eez, in a blow-molded case. The product works for light, medium and heavy duty diesel engines. Learn more at

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