Climate Change Conference Ready to Get Serious

Climate Change Conference Ready to Get Serious

Other countries want more concessions from U.S.

At the world climate change conference in Copenhagen, a spokesman from the European Commission said the CO2 endangerment finding by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was viewed by world leaders as an important signal by the Obama administration that they are serious about tackling climate change and are demonstrating leadership. The spokesman declared that the finding gives new momentum. But, other leaders were quick to press the Obama administration to do more now to sweeten its offer.


At that meeting, the World Meteorological Organization said a sustained global warming trend shows no signs of ending. According to a provisional summary of climate conditions near the end of 2009, the organization said, the decade of the 2000s is very likely the warmest decade dating back 150 years. Right now 2009 may end up the fifth warmest year on record.


Most activities Monday and early Tuesday at the conference were viewed as chiefly ceremonial. Negotiations were expected to begin later Tuesday.

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