Closed-Loop Beef Operation Planned for New York State

Closed-Loop Beef Operation Planned for New York State

Project will be sustainable with ethanol production and processing plant.

Upstate New York could become the world leader in environmentally sustainable livestock production. That's the word from Jeff Kapell, vice president for project development for Bion Environmental Technologies. Bion is moving forward with plans to build a large-scale beef cattle and processing operation near the town of Schroeppel, New York. Bion calls the project a "closed-loop" project. It will include a 72,000-head cattle operation, corn-based ethanol production and an associated beef processing plant.


According to Bion, its waste treatment technology will permit the facility to exhibit the smallest per head environmental footprint of any large livestock operation in the world.


"Bion's unique technology and expertise are what make this project viable," Kapell said. "The facility has the blessings of local officials and should be online in about two years."

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