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Day 1: Farm Progress Show Week

Day 1: Farm Progress Show Week

Final touches are being put on the Farm Progress Show site today, while editors get set to cover plenty.

This week I'm going to produce a daily blog during the Farm Progress Show to share what I see and offer a glimpse into some of what we as the media see at the event. For many of us we get paid to spend more than a single day at the show, and we get to see it all.

Of course, seeing it all also means balancing a schedule that fills fast with a range of media events and special information presentations. Ahead of the show today, for example, I'm traveling to Nevada, Iowa to spend time with the folks of Case IH as they show us some new equipment. I'll share what I learn from there in the Iron/Tech section of the site later this evening (much later).

Crowds will head to Boone, Iowa this week for the 2104 Farm Progress Show. Hope to see you there.

And starting tomorrow when the gates open there will be plenty to share for the week. I'll do what I can to offer that insight.

For more than 60 years farmers have been coming to the Farm Progress Show, and up until 2005 the show had an itinerate history of moving from farm to farm around Iowa, Illinois and Indiana. Changing economic times and the need to reduce the risk of canceled shows (we all talk about the past where weather could challenge show-visitors - but you'd never know it by the attendance we've seen) brought the need for the permanent biennial sites.

Now we travel between Boone, Iowa and Decatur, Ill., to see the latest tools, technologies and innovations for farms - all on the biggest site with the most to see of any farm show in the country.

And this week I can promise you innovations from all the majors (I've already seen a few). And there will be dozens more from the shortliners and smaller companies on hand sharing their wares. We have a team of editors who divvy up the show site and cover a quadrant every year. In that time they find plenty of products. In fact last year they found nearly 200 new products. There's plenty to see.

If you're traveling to Boone this year, I offered up a blog last week with some tips and links you can use to make the most of your visit. Stop by the Wallaces Farmer Hospitality Tent to check in with editors, see Bryce Knorr and Bob Burgdorfer from Farm Futures talk about issues impacting the market (they're on at Noon each day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and maybe you'll even see Max Armstrong or Orion Samuelson as they work on taping This Week in Agribusiness.

The weather is always the variable for an outdoor show, but then again you farm and you know how the weather can be. The fickle master of all of our fates in some ways. The beauty of the permanent biennial sites help make sure we can have a show even if it rains. Paved roads and excellent drainage help there.

If you're making the trip to the show let me be one of the first from Penton Farm Progress to welcome you. And enjoy your stay. And check this space tomorrow for more from what I saw at Case IH and what I'm hoping to see during by three days at the Farm Progress Show.

If you’re a Twitter fan you can follow the show at And you can follow the show on Facebook at That's a great way to keep up on what's going on at the show!

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