Combines Also Rolling for 2010 Winter Canola Harvest

Combines Also Rolling for 2010 Winter Canola Harvest

Reports from southern Great Plains indicate an excellent crop with high oil content; heat shattering could present problems in Kansas.

As Kansas farmers get set for the combines to roll for the wheat harvest, it is also time for the canola harvest.

Harvest has already begun in the southern Great Plains and excellent yields and high oil content is being reported. So far, winter canola yields are ranging well above the average 1,650 pounds per acre and are up about 200 bushels over last year.

In southern Kansas, farmers began the canola harvest right where wheat harvest traditionally begins – in Barber County.

But the hot, dry weather that is rapidly ripening the wheat crop is a problem for canola, said a spokesman for the OK Coop at Kiowa. Canola tends to shatter under very hot, dry conditions, he said.

Farmers are getting around that by harvesting in late evening and early morning while the plants are damp with dew, he said.

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