Comments Requested on USDA's Facility Guarantee Program

Suggestions for improved effectiveness and efficiency needed.

USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service is requesting comments and suggestions for improving the operation of its Facility Guarantee Program. The changes are designated to lower costs and improve the program's effectiveness and efficiency, and ultimately, expand U.S. exports of agricultural products.


The program works to expand sales of U.S. agricultural products to emerging markets where inadequate storage, processing, or handling capacity limit trade potential. The program provides payment guarantees to finance commercial exports of U.S. manufactured goods and services that will be used to improve or establish agriculture-related facilities


Export sales of U.S. equipment or expertise to improve ports, loading and unloading capacity, refrigerated storage, warehouse and distribution systems, and other related facilities may qualify for facility guarantees, as long as these improvements are expected to increase opportunities for U.S. agricultural exports. The period for receiving comments and suggestions ends Oct. 5.

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