Commissioner: U.S. Must Develop a Trade Friendly Farm Bill

European Community ag commissioner talks to U.S. group about the need for the 2007 Farm Bill to be more trade friendly.

Mariann Fischer Boel, the European Community's ag commissioner, was in Washington D.C. recently talking about the U.S. farm bill. Boel told a group at an event hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace that it was more important than ever to push for success in the Doha round of World Trade Organization Talks.

Part of her talk focused on the upcoming 2007 farm bill, which she says "should correct the mistakes made in 2002, not reinforce them." She notes that the world is looking for direction from the United States on farm policy.

She told the group that Europe remains concerned that U.S. proposals for a new Farm Bill offers only "modest" cuts in domestic support, although U.S. negotiators have come to the Doha negotiations offering as much as a 66% cut in subsidies. Boel says the modest proposals in the farm bill would not make resumption of global trade talks any easier.

Boel says that the European Union is driven to restart the Doha Round talks, and that the region's ag industry is aware it operates in a "globalized world."

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