Compact Impact Sprinkler

New sprinkler designed for distribution and less clogging.

Senninger Irrigation has unveiled the Compact Impact to close in areas close to the sprinkler head and provide better water distribution and less clogging potential.

An ideal replacement for old brass sprinklers, the Compact Impact throws a 23-degree trajectory and flows 3.08 to 7.13 gpm. It connects to 3/4-inch M or F NPT and carries a two-year warranty on materials workmanship and performance. Color coded nozzles make size ID easy and orifice sizes are guaranteed for five years.

For more information, call (407) 877-5655, or visit

COMPACT IMPACT SPRINKLER: Senninger waters closer to the sprinkler head and offers less clogging than the brass sprinklers its new Compact Impact replaces.

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