Companies Set Up Cooperative Grain and Swine Effort

Matthews Feed and Grain, JBS United, and BASF Plant Science team up to contract seed and feed for swine.

Matthews Feed and Grain, Ind., has announced two separate agreements concerning both the supply and demand of feed. BASF Plant Science and Matthews announced Dec. 4 that they signed an agreement allowing Matthews to contract for NutriDense grain, and Matthews separately agreed with JBS United to provide feed containing NutriDense corn to the JBS-operated Signature Farms.

"We see this as a win-win situation," says Brantt Huston, Feed Operations Manager, Matthews Feed and Grain. "With NutriDense the producer gets a premium, increasing revenue, and pigs get more nutritionally enhanced feed."

Customers of Matthews Feed and Grain who contract with them will bring NutriDense grain to the mill for a $0.25 premium vs. yellow dent corn under the new agreement. Matthews will then use the corn in feed rations for JBS United swine.

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