Company Cooperates with USDA to Pull CL131 Rice

BASF will cooperate in removing Clearfield CL131 rice from the market following the discovery of genetically modified rice in some of the seed.

Following USDA's March 4 issuance of an Emergency Action Notification on BASF's CL131 rice, the company announced Monday that it will cooperate with USDA in removing the seed from the marketplace.

Trace amounts of LibertyLink LL62 rice, a genetically modified product of Bayer CropScience, was found in some Clearfield CL131 rice, resulting in USDA's order calling for no planting or distribution of CL131 seed. Cleafield rice is non-GM.

On March 1, BASF notified USDA of independent laboratory findings that indicated the presence of LibertyLink rice in 2005 CL131 registered rice. The seed then tested negative for LibertyLink varieties LL62 and LL601, suggesting a possible unidentified GM event.

"BASF notified the USDA immediately after becoming aware of the laboratory findings and we continue to work cooperatively with USDA on this situation," says Andy Lee, Director of U.S. Business Operations, Crop Protection Products, for BASF.

LL62 and LL601 rice are both deregulated and approved for human consumption by the U.S. government.

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