Company Offers a Challenge

Company Offers a Challenge

Accepting the Hagie Challenge could give you a sprayer for a season. Two farmers have 'em this year.

There's a new promotion firing up for 2010 with Hagie Manufacturing - the Hagie Challenge. The Clarion, Iowa company is aiming squarely at non-Hagie owners and giving them a chance to use a sprayer for an entire season.

The Hagie Challenge - according to a media release - involves more than an extended demo. The program documents the entire process from working with the salesmen to determine the right sprayer for the farm and a visit to the manufacturing plant to see where the sprayer is made.

And the company will follow the machine from the day it leaves the factory through the season until it is either purchased, or returned to the factory. During that time, the company will work with the operators of the machine, and getting their impressions about the machine in action on their farm. And all of it will be reported at That means you get to share in the fun.

For the 2010 season, there are two participants in the challenge. One is a southern Minnesota producer and the other is a southeast Iowa cooperative. Both will be using the Hagie STS12 sprayer and all will have access to a Hagie NTB nitrogen application toolbar.

And the company is taking applications for the 2011 season too. Check out that Web site to learn more.

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