Compromise with HSUS Has Ohio Farmers Concerned

Compromise with HSUS Has Ohio Farmers Concerned

Farm Bureau official says the issue is far from over.

Reaction to the announcement by Ohio's agriculture industry leaders that they have come to a compromise agreement with leaders of the Humane Society of the United States has been mixed among the farm community. Posts on Web sites and social media outlets like Facebook indicate that some in the farm community feel betrayed by the agreement and that Ohio's agricultural leadership caved in to HSUS demands.

Executive Vice President of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Jack Fisher assured members and supporters of Ohio agriculture that their work was worthwhile.

"The only reason we could be at the table and have an agreement is because of all the hard work they've done over the past several years," Fisher said. "You don't go to the table and try to work out an agreement from a position of weakness."

Even with the agreement Fisher says it's too soon to declare victory and turn attention away from animal rights activist groups such as HSUS. He says the issue is far from over.

"Absolutely not, their mission is to put us out of business in my opinion," Fisher said. "They have not backed away from their mission, nor have we. So this is one event of many more to come."

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