Congress Back From Recess

Farm Bill problem up first; then climate change legislation.

Congress returns to Washington following a week-long recess for Memorial Day. The first item on the Senate's agenda will be fixing the Farm Bill.

Title Three of the bill, which covers trade, was left out of the bill sent to the President. President Bush vetoed the bill before the mishap was discovered and both the House and Senate overrode that veto overwhelmingly, making 14 of 15 farm bill titles law.

However to make sure the entire bill is enacted, a new, complete bill will likely be passed by both chambers and sent to Bush for yet another veto. The House started this process before the recess with passage of H.R. 6124, which includes all the farm bill language. The Senate will take up the bill this week.

According to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., the Senate will spend much of the week on the Liberman-Warner bill that would create a greenhouse gas offset program taking advantage of agriculturally-produced carbon credits.

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