Considering a drone? Here's a new one

Considering a drone? Here's a new one

Sentera launches latest version of hits Phoenix fixed wing machine.

Sentera's new fixed wing drone isn't for everyone but it is a high-performance machine for the farmer who has everything. The company is rolling out the Phoenix 2, which it calls the most precise drone available today.

Sentera's new Phoenix-2 airship needs no launcher, just start it and toss it into the air.

The four-pound unit can be hand launched - no stationary launcher required - and can carry multiple sensor options. Sentera builds a range of sensors that allows you to capture a wide range of information. The system comes with what Sentera calls "professional grade" autopilot, and the unit flies a predetermined flight path. You set itup, launch it and the unit covers the territory you assign. Flight time is about 60 minutes per charge at 30 miles per hour. The Pheonix 2, as other fixed wing craft do, returns to its start to land.

Farmers are a target for this product, but the company has a California Sheriff's office who plans to use the machine for search and rescue activities. The aircraft has also been tested in tough conditions - including high-temperature locations.

Sentera touts its end-to-end solution for the product and the software offered as well. The company works with a growing range of other data partners and has created AgVault for managing imagery. Learn more about the new airship by visiting

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