Corn Belt Misses Storms, Leaving Corn in Good Shape

Nation's corn crop continues to mature.

The winter storm that brought snow to the Northern Plains and Northern Rockies skipped the Corn Belt and USDA Meteorologist Eric Luebehusen says that due to warm, dry weather corn continued to mature at a good rate.

"Eighty-six percent of the corn nationally has reached maturity, a 13 point jump from last week but still 11 points behind last year," Luebehusen says. "We are keeping an eye on the harvesting progress, corn is now 21% harvested nationally and that's still 29 points behind last year and 20 points behind the five-year average."

Luebehusen says the crop is in good shape with 62% of it is rated good-to-excellent. Soybeans are almost half harvested, about 10% behind last year with 57% in good-to-excellent condition. Also Luebehusen says worry about frost potentially hurting late planted crops isn't a concern as there isn't any bitterly cold weather in the forecast.

Winter wheat planting is proceeding at a steady clip with 73% of the crop planted, which is up 14% from a week ago and 4% ahead of last year. Emergence of winter wheat is at 46%, 7% ahead of last year.

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