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The Friday Five: Squirming Edition

The Friday Five: Squirming Edition

What do bale feeders and Pythagorean Theorems have to do with each other? Senators and HSUS? Vani and Oz? Here's five links on the week in food and agriculture!

Real-world math: a bit of trig and hay for the horses: Learning by doing…it's a combination of common core math and ag classes.

Reporting on quacks and pseudoscience: This is a great discussion in the L.A. Times about what happens when the press covers pseudoscience purveyors like, say, Dr. Oz and Vani Hari (the Food Babe): "The woods are full of charlatans just waiting for a chance to loose their fear-mongering theories upon a willing public, and the press shouldn't be providing them with a springboard." Quacks and charlatans are everywhere; the question is, how much attention do we give them?

HSUS misleads Congress again: Watch HSUS head Wayne Pacelle squirm as Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhoff questions him about HSUS funds and animals shelters, in a U.S. Senate Environmental and Public Works subcommittee hearing. It's worth the seven minutes. Watchdog group Humane Watch, breaks down some of his statements, too.

Chesapeake Bay water clean-up regs would 'flood' Midwest farms: This is part one of a three-part story written by our American Agriculturalist editor John Vogel, who traveled to the Chesapeake Bay with the Illinois Soybean Association. Good information and perspective here.

I can't believe it's nut cheese: A great common-sense blog post from Bovidiva blogger Jude Capper, looking at why we call some products milk when they never came from a cow.

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