Corn Growers seek Reaching for Excellence applicants

Corn Growers seek Reaching for Excellence applicants

New award spotlights National Corn Growers Association problem solvers

The National Corn Growers Association has opened applications for its new Reaching for Excellence Award.

The award is given to spotlight new approaches to addressing a variety of challenges, and encourage implementation of such advances in other states facing similar challenges.

NCGA's Grower Services Action Team announced this new award at their December meeting in St. Louis.

New award spotlights National Corn Growers Association problem solvers

"Any state corn association or state checkoff board program, project, process, procedure, or strategy that has significantly advanced the mission of their association is eligible," said GSAT Chairwoman Patti Mann. "The goal of the program is to not only recognize excellence across state's programs and training but, also, to provide the details for other states that need help in those same areas." 

While there is not a formal application, state grower associations and/or state checkoff boards interested in applying should supply a two to three-page narrative that includes the following elements:

Program Summary - a precise two to three-paragraph description of the program, the need it addressed and its outcome.

Program Description - What was the level of effort required and resources used? How many staff members, consultants or volunteers were involved? What were their roles? What was the estimated cost of implementation?  Did the program collaborate with other ag or community groups?

Program Evaluation - Describe the qualified or quantified performance outcomes for the program.  Why do you consider this program a success?  What advice or recommendations would you have for others considering your program?

Please submit the outlined two to three-page narrative documenting programmatic excellence by Jan. 22, 2016.

All submissions should be sent to Steve Uram ([email protected]) or Rita Abney ([email protected]).

A panel, comprised of members of the Grower Services Action Team, will select the winner. All submissions will be posted on ShareFile to better facilitate the sharing of ideas and successes among NCGA's state affiliate organizations.

The winning state and program will be recognized during the NCGA Awards Banquet at the 2016 Commodity Classic in New Orleans, La.

Source: NCGA

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