Corn Harvest and Development Lagging Behind

So far, so good for winter wheat.

Corn harvest is starting to pick up as the soybean harvest is winding down. According to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey 86% of soybeans are out of the field, just 3% behind normal. Farmers have only 55% of the corn crop in the bin which is significantly behind the five-year average of 79%. However Rippey says that may be a good thing.

"The corn can stay for a long time without any significant quality degradations," Rippey says. "In fact in this late year with the corn drying down so late it's beneficial to leave it out there a little longer."

Rippey says that it staying out later after the season ending freeze shouldn't be a problem unless there are high winds or excessive wetness. The condition of the crop is good with 64% rated in good to excellent condition.

Winter wheat has had a good start with 90% of the crop seeded, just 2% behind average according to Rippey.
"Emergence with the warm, dry weather week last week is doing very well; 76% emerged by Nov. 2 compared to the five-year average of 78%," Rippey says. "In terms of condition we are looking at a crop that improved to 67% good to excellent; only 4% poor to very poor."

A week ago those numbers were 65% and 5% respectively Rippey says and the crop is looking far better than it did last year when it was 53% good to excellent and 13% poor to very poor. However in Oregon, the outlook is not quite so good with a third of the winter wheat crop in poor to very poor condition due to dry weather.

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