Corn Maturity Picking Up Speed

Corn Maturity Picking Up Speed

Latest crop progress report finds double the mature corn from last week, comfortable condition ratings

Corn maturity is starting to pick up speed this week, nearly doubling to 40% this week, according to the USDA National Ag Statistics Service's Weekly Crop Report.

The report, released Monday, shows maturity for the "I states" is healthy at 47% each for Illinois and Indiana, up steadily from 25% and 22% last week. Iowa trails at 35%.

HARVEST IS MOVING: Combines are out in the Midwest as corn maturity makes strong gains this week.

Corn is also posting stronger harvest percentages from last week. Warmer states like Texas and North Carolina obviously lead the way with Kentucky not far behind, but Midwestern farmers had the combines rolling, too. Key Midwestern totals show 5%, 6%, and 3% harvested in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa, respectively. That's up from last week's 1%, 2% and 1%, but behind the five year averages of 24%, 14% and 9%.

As noted, the 18-state average for corn maturity did nearly double from 22% last week to 40% this week, a bit under the 55% five-year average. Corn harvest is currently at 7% among 18 states, as compared to last week's 4% and the five-year average of 16%.

Corn condition is mixed, though nearly 70% is rated as fair or good. Thirteen percent is rated excellent. Portions of the Wisconsin corn crop appear to be struggling, with 20% rated poor and 30% each rated fair and good. Only 11% is rated excellent.

Soybeans are dropping leaves mostly on pace with five-year averages. Kansas is right in line with the five-year average, showing 43% this week. Ohio and South Dakota are leading the way with 70% and 72% this week, with Nebraska and Indiana nipping at their heels with 67% each. Iowa this week is turning in numbers indicative of a slower crop – 22% of soybeans are dropping leaves, compared to the state's five-year average of 57%. Illinois is at 37%.

New to the chart this week are harvest tallies for soybeans. Of the Midwestern states, all are behind five-year averages but will likely begin to pick up the pace within the next few weeks. Indiana leads the I states with 4%; Iowa and Illinois are each at 1% harvested. That's compared to the five-year averages of 9%, 6% and 7%, respectively. Not surprisingly, Louisiana is more than 50% harvested while Mississippi nears the 45% mark.

The 18-state average for soybean maturity comes in at 47% this week, significantly up from last week's 26%, but below the five-year average of 56%.  Harvest is just one-third of the way to the five-year averages – 3% this week compared to 9% in 2008-2012.

Soybean condition is favorable, as Illinois and Indiana show 50% and 58%good to excellent, respectively.  Iowa comes in at 34% and Nebraska is strong with 59% good to excellent. Kansas is at 44%.

Producers in Montana and Nebraska are moving along with winter wheat planting this week, too, with each at 49% planted. Washington is at 59%.

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