Corn Yield Entrants Encouraged to Take Next Step

Corn Yield Entrants Encouraged to Take Next Step

The National Corn Yield Contest has record participation, but signing up is just the first step according to the National Corn Growers Association.

Combines are rolling across the Midwest as farmers start to bring in a crop that will be better than last year's drought-ravaged haul. And farmers will be measuring yields and tallying up their "paycheck" too. For 2013, the National Corn Yield Contest has a record number of entrants with 8,827 who have signed up to try to post top-yielding numbers in their county, state and perhaps nationally.

COUNTING YIELD: With harvest underway, NCGA urges entrants in the National Corn Yield Contest to fill out that harvest form even if they're dissapointed.

The National Corn Growers Association has been conducting the program for 49 years and in a press statement Pam Johnson, NCGA President, comments: "By nature, farmers aer optimists who act humbly while taking great personal pride in their work. NCGA is proud to offer the contest to our members and, in doing so, recognize excellence that abounds in American agriculture today."

But there's an added hook here. All those entrants now need to circle back and fill out the online harvest form - now available. "While I undersand that it seems tempting to leave the entry unfinished should a field fail to produce the anticipated yield, the information the contest provides helps NCGA  as it strives to find more effective production practices that will help move agriculture forward," Johnson says.

And there are some other details to keep in mind according to NCGA: " When using the online harvest form, it is imperative that all entrants complete one final step. Following submission of the online harvest form, entrants must submit a printed copy of the harvest confirmation form with the appropriate weight tickets attached for verification. Failure to do so will void entry. Forms and other required documentation must be sent by mail to NCGA, and postmarked no later than seven days after the final yield check, or by Nov. 22, whichever is earlier."

Here are key links if you're a competitor:

Click here for the 2013 National Corn Yield Contest Online Harvest Form.

Click here for a printable PDF version of the 2013 National Corn Yield Contest Harvest Form.

Click here for more information on the National Corn Yield Contest.

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