CRA Calls for Immigration Fix

CRA Calls for Immigration Fix

Organization opposes state enforcement of federal law.

The Center for Rural Affairs is calling for comprehensive federal legislation to fix the broken immigration system in America.  But CRA opposes legislation that requires state and local law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration law. The new policy position was approved unanimously following vigorous discussion by the organization's Board of Directors at their most recent meeting.

Chuck Hassebrook, Executive Director of the Center for Rural Affairs, says the Center endorsed a balanced approach that includes more effective federal enforcement of the prohibitions on hiring undocumented workers together with increased opportunities for legal immigration.  CRA believes, undocumented immigrants who abide by the law and fulfill the requirements for obtaining citizenship should be offered the opportunity to remain in the U.S. as citizens. 

The resolution passed by the CRA Board also urged federal action to prevent employers from evading immigration law by falsely classifying employees as independent contractors. According to Hassebrook, undocumented immigrants misclassified as contractors are America's most vulnerable and exploited workers. They have no minimum wage protection or legal recourse against mistreatment in the workplace.

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