Crabby Patty's Campaign Draws 200

Dexter business needs 1,000 visitors to spend $5 each.

Bruce and Patty Hafenstein decided they'd step up to the plate and re-open a convenience store/grill and deli/bait shop in Dexter at the end of 2006. They felt the people that lived in and around this town of 350 needed a place to get gas and groceries.

Since then, high fuel prices and utilities, volume requirements, low population and a few other factors have made it challenging to be successful. In fact, Patty's husband Bruce started calling her "Crabby" after she'd come home tired after 16 hour days. The store serves breakfast, lunch, and supper in addition to offering one pump for fuel.

The Dexter Economic Development Association knew something needed to be done to save this store. They decided to mirror an effort of the Kansas Explorers Club of several years ago, putting out the call for 1,000 people to to go spend $5 at Crabby Patty's.

A few weeks after the campaign started more than 200 people have either gone to the mini-mart to spend $5 or they have sent cash and an encouraging note to Crabby Patty at 501 K-15 Hwy., Dexter, KS 67038. Major news outlets have carried the story and a documentary film crew came to town. Patty said the money is allowing her to more frequently buy groceries and gas for the store but it's the letters that boost her spirit the most.

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