Creating airflow across bigger headers

Creating airflow across bigger headers

Crary releases Dual Flow Technology for its Crary Air Reel and Crary Wind System products

Crary, long known for its Air Reel system, now offers the option to add Dual Flow Technology (patent pending) to an Air Reel or Crary Wind System. The technology provides air flow to both sides of the header creating an even curtain of air across the cutter bar. The system can create wind speeds up to 200 mph at the cutter bar, and is available for 335-, 40- and 45-foot headers.

Key advantages include reducing air restrictions; increased airflow and static pressure; consistent distribution across all drop tubes.

Dual Flow Technology is now available for Crary Air Reel and Crary Wind System products.

Adding a Crary Air Real or CWS to your header provides the benefit of having a forceful stream of high velocity air running to the cutter bar. The company says that the system is positioned to reduce shatter loss, which can boost yield by 1 to 4 bushels per acre. For more information call 800-247-7335 or visit

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