Crenlo Offers Cabs Customized For OEMs

Crenlo Offers Cabs Customized For OEMs

Cobalt cab line provides high-visibility operator platforms equipped to rival the best major OEM cabs.

I had the opportunity recently to examine several new Cobalt cabs and talk with the Crenlo Cab Products people about their new product.

The Cobalt line of cabs is aimed at smaller OEMs who want a quality, well-appointed cab designed to fit their non-ground-engaging products -- like sprayers, module builders, fruit harvesters, and a host of other machines that require operators to be comfortable and have excellent visibility.

Complete with new-car smell, weight-reacting air seat and tilt steering, the new Cobalt cabs can be configured to most ag and construction applications where ROPs is not a requirement. There's also a "buddy" training seat built in.

The new line can be had in a variety of factory colors with a fit and finish comparable to the best you'll see from the major OEMs. Inside the wiring harnesses are designed for all of today's electronics and precision agriculture's tools, along with various choices for sound systems. The cabs come with AC and heat controls and fans that are sufficient to keep the air inside evenly mixed and flowing regardless of outside conditions.

Each cab also has sites for custom branding emblems.

Crenlo is excited about the potential to provide well-appointed cabs to other lines of manufacturers and offers its customers the ability to install quality work stations without the manufacturing and design costs.

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Beyond the excellent fit and finish of the exterior paint and moldings, the interior of the new Cobalt cabs is designed to provide all the amenities one would find in OEM cabins from major manufacturers.

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