Crop condition update: Oklahoma, Texas wheat improves

Crop condition update: Oklahoma, Texas wheat improves

Kansas wheat condition slips in weekly update; Oklahoma and Kansas crops need rain

Winter wheat conditions declined slightly in Kansas last week but improved in Oklahoma and Texas, the states said on Monday.

The three states provide weekly crop condition updates, while the full breadth of the weekly crop updates typically will begin in April.

In Kansas, wheat was rated 41% good to excellent, 42% fair, 13% poor, and 4% very poor, down slightly from the previous week's 41, 46, 10, and 3.

Kansas weather warmed to 4 to 8 degrees above average, with light rain of up 0.75 inch in the southwest and northeast. Moisture was needed in western counties. Topsoil moisture was rated 1% surplus, 50% adequate, 35% short, and 14% very short, compared with the previous week's 1, 52, 34 and 13.

Kansas wheat condition slips in weekly update; Oklahoma and Kansas crops need rain (file photo)

Oklahoma wheat

Oklahoma wheat improved but "significant moisture" is needed in the north central area. There were a few scattered showers last week in the south central and south east areas.

Winter wheat's condition went to 44% good/excellent, 41% fair, 11% poor and 4% very poor, from the previous week's 40, 44,12,and 4.

Corn seedbed preparation reached 46%, 1 point ahead of a year ago.

Topsoil moisture was rated 7% surplus, 39% adequate, 38% short and 16% very short. That is similar to the prior week, but better than year ago's 2, 25, 36, and 37.

Texas wheat

In Texas, winter wheat improved to 55% good to excellent, 35% fair, 7% poor and 3% very poor as of Sunday, versus 51, 38, 8, and 3 a week earlier.

Most areas received rain during the week with amounts of 1 to 3-plus inches, with the coastal and southern regions getting the most.

Winter wheat was heading in south Texas, while warm weather helped growth elsewhere, the report said.

Corn planting was 14% done compared with 19% a year ago and the 37% five-year average. Sorghum was 7% planted versus 14% a year ago and the 28% average.

Topsoil moisture statewide was rated 26% surplus, 52% adequate, 19% short and 3% very short, versus 19, 58, 19, and 4 the previous week.

See last week's crop condition update.

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