Crop Conditions Are Steady

Very little change for corn or soybeans.

Last week the USDA put out a surprising August Crop Report that is optimistic about the corn and soybean crop this year, predicting the second largest corn harvest on record and the fourth largest soybean crop. However those numbers are not guaranteed.

"As we head late into the year with the crop running behind there is still time to change the outlook of the crop," says USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey.

However, Rippey says that corn changed very little in the past week in both its outlook and condition.

"Only a subtle change, just a few pockets trailing off in condition," says Rippey. "Overall we are looking very good and the crop is at 67% good to excellent. That's actually the same as we were a week ago, just a percent drop in excellent."

Soybeans in the good to excellent category also dropped 1% during the past week. Rippey warns that crops are running late and the risk of an early frost in September is something to watch for.

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