Crop Development Continues to Lag Behind Normal

Soybean and corn development have both been delayed by wet cool weather.

It's slow going for both soybeans and corn development across the country. USDA Meteorologist Eric Luebehusen says corn silking is dragging far behind normal.

"Reportedly 6% had reached the temperature, moisture sensitive silking stage," Luebehusen says. "That's a three point change from last week but that's 21% behind last year's 27% pace."

Soybeans are in the same boat with only 12% in the blooming stage, which is also 21% behind last year. Crop ratings for both crops are almost identical with 11% rated in very poor to poor condition and 62% rated good to excellent.

"So you can see the impacts of the wetness and the planting delays across much of the middle Mississippi Valley and the Eastern Corn Belt," Luebehusen says.

While harvest of the winter wheat crop is progressing with 52% complete, a 16% jump from last week, delays are also being seen there. Illinois, Indiana and Ohio report from 25 to 50% slower pace than last year.

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