Crushing Knife Roll Aids in Clean Fields

Crushing Knife Roll Aids in Clean Fields

Calmer BT Crusher leaves residue ready for decomposition.

The folks at Calmer Corn Heads have upgraded their offering for the John Deere Corn harvesters with the 2009/2010 Calmer BT Crusher Stalk Roll.


The attachments reduce trash entering the combine as well as reducing build up of BT corn stalks on the soil. The cutter-crusher destroys the stalk vertically and horizontally to make it ready for rapid decomposition in the soil. Harvested corn fields are left clean, but the residue goes back to the soil quickly.


The Calmer Trash Reduction Kit consists of two Calmer BT Crushers, two 6-tooth drive sprockets, two 9-tooth idler sprockets, 2 48-pitch gathering chains and a pair of manual or hydraulic beveled edge stripper plates.


For more information, call (309) 629-9000 or visit

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