Crustbuster Unveils Trio of New Drills

Crustbuster Unveils Trio of New Drills

Three-point models from 27 to 36 feet working widths join the company's lineup.

Crustbuster's new three-point grain drills come in 27, 30 and 36-foot working widths, and feature the market's only all-metal metering system with quick adjust features.


In addition the 5227, 5530 and 5536 come with large volume weather-tight seed boxes with a two-bushel per foot seed capacity.


Designed for bedded seedbeds or "on the flat" the machines feature three different opener height adjustments and are staggered six inches for improved residue flow.


Upfront, 15-inch double disc blades mounted on heavy duty hubs ride with pressure from heavy-duty down pressure springs.


For more information on the new Crustbusters, call (620) 227-7106, or go online to:


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