CWT Bid Period Closes

Auditors and Staff Prepare for Bid Analysis.

The deadline for CWT bids to be received, May 1st, has passed. As the final bids arrive in the mail this week, the independent auditing firm employed by CWT is in the process of entering the all of the bid information into a database and conducting a preliminary analysis of those received.

On May 12th, the auditors and CWT staff will begin the process of individually reviewing the bids received and selecting those that meet the selection criteria. The CWT timetable calls for the audits of selected dairies to begin May 19th. All bidders, whether successful or not, will be notified no later than June 12th.

"The traffic on the CWT website has been heavy with over 3,700 visits to the herd retirement area and over 2,500 visits to the herd retirement calculator," said Jim Tillison, Chief Operating Officer of CWT. "We are hopeful we will receive a large number of bids at levels that will allow CWT to remove a large number of cows in this herd retirement."

Please visit for more information on the program

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