CWT Finishes Latest Herd Retirement Round

CWT Finishes Latest Herd Retirement Round

Retirement removes 101,000 cows.

The farm audits of the Cooperatives Working Together dairy herd retirement have been completed. As of the end of June, CWT removed 367 herds in 41 states, comprised of nearly 101,000 cows that produced 1.96 million pounds of milk. These figures reflect the final number of dairies that successfully were audited in the herd retirement process in May and June.




"Even though this was by far the largest of CWT's seven herd retirement efforts, we were able to move quickly in May and June to audit the participating farms," said Jim Tillison, Chief Operating Officer of CWT. "The national dairy herd will be noticeably smaller this summer as a result of CWT."


Once the sales receipts for the animals are verified and ear tags are returned to CWT by the processing plants, farmers are issued payment, and their names are posted at Tillison says that given the depressed state of milk prices and the continuing imbalance between supply an demand, additional CWT herd reduction activities are likely in 2009.

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