Dairy Farmers of America Offers Biosecurity Program

A DFA program helps members increase on-farm security.

Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. has instituted a program to help members increase on-farm security. The mySecurity program allows members to better protect their animals and the milk they produce from accidental or intentional contamination.

During phase I of the voluntary program, each participant receives a free mySecurity tool kit containing an all-weather "Restricted Access" sign printed in Spanish and English, and a "DFA Guide to Farm Biosecurity" bilingual wall chart. The kit also contains an emergency contact form, farm security guidelines and fact sheets.

"Agriculture has been identified as a critical infrastructure in this country in regard to security issues," says Jim Carroll, DFA vice president of quality assurance and regulatory issues. "Our customers are vitally aware that a continuum of security from the farm to the supermarket is critical to keep our food supply safe."

DFA's management team also has established crisis management procedures at locations, including shipping warehouses, and at mailing, shipping and receiving points to increase safety.

Phase II of the program will feature a mySecurity Web site where participating DFA members can enter information about their farm and create a security plan. They also will be able to access the Web site to obtain a summary of their state's animal disease emergency plan.

For more information on DFA and its biosecurity plan, visit www.dfamilk.com.

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