Dairy Industry Holding Rally

Organizers hope to bring awareness of dairy industry problems.

Dairy farmers from across the country will gather in Manchester, Iowa on Saturday for a rally to bring attention to the crisis in the dairy industry.


"We're just encouraging all the dairy farmers; you know we gotta let our voices be heard and we want a big show up at this rally so we can be heard," said Jerry Harvey, one of the organizers of the rally. "There's a lot of dairy farmers struggling right now and I think it's important that we show solidarity for one another."


Harvey says the goal of the rally is to bring awareness to the struggles dairy farmers are facing and hopeful that will lead to action.


"To see if we can get some kind of different pricing system, you know something different that we can make a living on with these dairy prices," Harvey said. "We're hoping that our senators and governor, congressmen and our co-ops will open their eyes to the real problem that it seems like everybody's ignoring."

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