Dairy Markets Are a Concern

Producers are facing tough times.

Agriculture Secretary spoke at the National Farmers Union Annual Meeting earlier this week and discussed a variety of issues with delegates, but perhaps one of the key concerns brought up were those by dairy producers attending the secretary's visit.

Joaquin Contente is president of the California Farmers Union and a dairy producer experiencing first hand the significant drop in dairy prices.

"There is going to be a total wreck with the dairy economy, which is going to trickle out like the people we buy products from, whether it's supplies, or corn, or silage and things like that," Contente said. "So there's a lot of devastation going on out there. I think one of the things that we brought up at the meeting the secretary was at, is the awareness of the situation to see if we can get at least him looking at some of these things in the immediate future."

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