Dairy Program Could Come This Year

Dairy Program Could Come This Year

Early adoption of dairy legislation could be possible.

It appears Congress may to take up dairy legislation this year rather than waiting to include it in a Farm Bill next year. The early adoption of dairy legislation seems possible after the USDA Dairy Industry Advisory Committee agreed on the broad outlines of its recommendation for dairy policy reform. That in turn permitted the American Farm Bureau Federation to change its position on dairy programs.

The latest draft does not recommend a specific plan for growth management but asserts that better discipline on matching growth in milk marketings to market needs is essential to minimizing milk price volatility. The draft urges work to continue on developing new tools to achieve that objective.

National Milk Producers Federation CEO Jerry Kozak hopes to have a draft bill embodying the federation's "Foundation for the Future" plan by the end of January. The report will endorse modified Milk Income Loss Contract payments, margin insurance and growth management.

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