DDGS Pelleting Course May Lead to More U.S. Exports to Japan.

The course has helped address questions about DDGS.

The U.S. Grains Council is hosting a team from Japan as they attend a feed industry distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) pelleting course at the Northern Crop Institute in Fargo, N.D. Pelleting is a feed ingredient processing method used to improve efficiencies in handling, storage and to increase unitized nutrients and its digestibility in animals.

"A few years ago, the Japanese feed industry recognized the constraint of increasing DDGS inclusion rates in pelleted feed formulations and requested more information about manufacturing fine pellets with DDGS," said Hiroko Sakashita, associate director of USGC/Tokyo office. Sakashita is accompanying the Japanese team while in the United States.

The short course at NCI has addressed issues such as the physical characteristics of DDGS, pellet quality and complementary ingredients used to make pellets durable in the United States. The team has also learned how to measure efficiency of pellet production. In addition, instructors have led demonstrations including one on how pellet milling works, and there was also an opportunity for participants to get hands-on experience in production using different combinations of ingredients.

Perhaps most importantly, participants studied pelleting techniques for final compound feed with 10% and higher inclusion rates.

"It is a challenge to produce durable pellets for higher inclusion of DDGS. I hope this course will stimulate further efforts in production of DDGS pellets in Japan and will lead to an increase in U.S. DDGS exports," Sakashita said.

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