Deadline Approaches for South African Study Tour

Deadline Approaches for South African Study Tour

Join Farm Futures and gain firsthand understanding of global markets

Farm Futures is set to host a unique farm and market study tour of South Africa, Dec. 1-13, 2013. Deadline for signup is Sept. 18.

This tour is designed to give you and your spouse the experience of a lifetime. See wildlife in their natural habitat under the direction of experienced guides, then switch gears and see one of South Africa's largest stud farms and feedlots. You'll see corn and soybeans, as well as game preserves. You'll stay at a private game lodge and see the Blude River Canyon, one of the natural wonders of Africa. Sheep and dairy visits mix with fruit and vegetable operations as well as wineries. See the full itinerary here.

Join Farm Futures and gain firsthand understanding of global markets

"We'll be seeing things very few North American farmers ever get to see," says Farm Futures executive editor Mike Wilson, host for the tour. "This tour offers a unique chance to really understand the impact of globalization on your markets and business."

One of the great benefits of international travel for farmers is that you can see firsthand what's happening with crops or livestock. And, you can pick up new ideas on how to manage the risk in your own farm. From a business perspective you'll hear firsthand from local experts on important issues facing South African agriculture. You'll travel with like-minded farmers, as guides accompany each tour. The main language of South Africa is English, although many Afrikaners take pride in their ability to speak several indigenous languages.

The excursion is organized by Trump Tours, an award-winning Ag Tour business based out of Arkansas.

For more information go to and click on Ag Tours Calendar to explore the company's vast background in world tours. Then start planning for the trip of a lifetime. For full registration click here.

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